Activist Tool Kit


HEALTH CARE FOR ALL OREGON seeks to engage, educate, and mobilize Oregonians to influence our legislatures to enact HEALTH CARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT. The survey is one of the many tools developed in the strategic plan to be used to facilitate conversations, increase support, and encourage involvement in our campaign to enact universal, comprehensive, affordable health care for ALL. By this means we will invite conversations to discover how Oregonians currently experience their health care.

Member Organization Health Care Survey Chair Person’s:__________________________

  • _____Distributes surveys to other members in the organization

  • _____Collects surveys from volunteers and group leads

  • _____Enters contacts and relative information into the “Local Data Collector” file

  • _____Gives surveys to Data Doctor who enters survey specific info into the database

  • _____Emails Ross Lampert the NEWEST contacts in the Local Data Collector file (spreadsheet)

  • _____Sends data tracking report form and hardcopy of survey to HCAO office

Coalition Health Care Survey Point Person: Ross Lampert

  • _____Uploads new contacts from Local Data Collector file into statewide data base

  • _____Receives and organizes surveys and tracking report forms sent in mail

  • _____Guides members to the online tool-kit

  • _____Follows up by phone and/or email to ensure timely returns

  • _____Compiles evaluation forms and develops report

  • _____Sorts and stores surveys according to their ZIP code

  • _____Sends survey to data entry person(s) if not already entered

*Each organization will function differently. Larger organizations may need to develop a small committee of individuals working under the chair person to support and facilitate these efforts.



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