HCAO activity in the Rogue Valley:

--Report by Wes Brain

Health Care for All-Oregon members held a prominent place on the downtown plaza in Ashland on October 6, 2012.  This was the one-year anniversary of Occupy Ashland, whose 2011 encampment on the plaza lasted 22 days.  Locals say the ongoing results from Occupy are Priceless!  

The Oct. 6 gathering also commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Ashland Free Press.  Publishers Jason and Vanessa Houk took the lead in organizing this year's rendezvous in Ashland's Zocalo.


Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice board members Jason Houk, Wes Brain, Brenda Gould, along with Pete Herzog and Mark Worsham from Occupy Medford.
by Karen Jeffery.