AFSCME Retirees: Who are we?

American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees:
We make America happen!

By Lou Sinniger for HCAO

We are public service workers who supply your water and the sewage to take it away.  We were the workers who maintained your streets and highways.  We were the workers who inspected the remodels and the new construction to assure the buyer that the home met the basic standards of livability.  We were the workers who kept the bad guys imprisoned so the streets were more safe. We were the workers who provided education to your children.  To put it simply, we worked to provide civility in your lives.

Our mission is to protect the health and retirement benefits for ourselves and our children, including our  brothers and sisters who are still working to service America.

There are 90,000 public service workers who are eligible to retire right now, but they keep working.  The major cause is that they cannot afford to retire between the ages of 55 and 65, because they cannot afford the cost of health insurance.  The market-based health insurance industry is driving middle class civil workers into poverty. 

Health Care for All-Oregon is the answer that can alleviate our worries and secure our retirement.