Creating the Choir: A Speakers Training Workshop for HCAO

Health Care for All-Oregon is offering a series of free training workshops for our speakers bureau at the HCAO office in Portland, 619 SW 11th, on Monday evenings, January 7, 14 and 21, from 6 pm - 9 pm. The workshops, presented by Larry Steward, retired PSU professor of Communications, are designed to provide training and practice in the composition and delivery of the HCAO message in a public forum, with the purpose of establishing a cadre of confidant, articulate presenters capable of generating support for HCAO principles across the State of Oregon.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be:

  • Fluent in the history, principles and objectives of HCAO

  • Able to select and utilize appropriate materials for public presentations.

  • Able to compose and effectively deliver the HCAO message in a variety of settings and venues.

  • Able to cope with difficult questions with poise, confidence and accurate information.

  • Familiar with and able to utilize a variety of visual aids.

  • Aware of the legal and ethical constraints in public presentations.

Prior to the first meeting, participants will agree to read either Deadly Spin or Healing of America, preferably both. There will be three 3-hour sessions (One 3-hour meeting each week for 3 weeks).

1st Meeting:
The History of HCAO (Lecture/Discussion, Article by M. Shapiro, 30 Min
Framing as an Attitude (Lecture/Discussion, Coping With Anxiety, (45 Min.)
Speech Composition/Exercise ( The Single Block, Statement and Support, Forms of Support, Sam Metz’s 3 Questions, 9 Answers, 90Min. )

2nd Meeting:
Review and Questions (30 Min.)
Three-minute presentations and critique (90 Min.)
Visual Aids and other Supporting Materials (Prezi, Video, Audience Participation/Solicitation of Stories.)
Assignment: Compose a list of three most difficult questions, with a separate list of possible answers.

3d Meeting:
Review and Questions (30 Min.)
The Hot Seat: Participants will stand alone to receive hostile questions (60-90 min.)
Video: (TBD, 30min)
Wrap up, Summaries, Suggestions for continued development.

T.R. Reid, The Healing of America, Penguin Books, 2010
Wendell Potter, Deadly Spin, Bloomsbury Press, 2010

Larry Steward, Chairman, HCAO Education Committee