Health Care is about Patients, not Political Careers

By Margaret Flowers, MD, published by LUV News

 Credit: ragesoss / Flickr

Credit: ragesoss / Flickr

As a physician, I find it very odd that the debate about health reform has focused on the effect the law will have on the presidential election rather than its effect on patients, health professionals and health outcomes.

The Supreme Court review reinvigorated the healthcare debate, but we hear partisan talking points rather than an honest review of the law. This will likely worsen as we get closer to Election Day.

The current law is based on policy developed by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. Romney passed this law in Massachusetts, then Obama passed it at the national level. Right now Democrats are celebrating the Supreme Court decision to uphold the law while Romney is threatening to repeal it. If a Republican had passed this federal law, we would have the opposite situation.