10 Questions: Steven Nissen, MD

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            Steven Nissen, MD

          Steven Nissen, MD

Published: Dec 5, 2013
by Todd Neale, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today

What's the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today? That's just the first of 10 questions the MedPage Today staff is asking leading clinicians and researchers to get their personal views on their chosen profession. In this series we share their uncensored responses. Here, answers from Steven Nissen, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic.

There, Nissen is chair of the Robert and Suzanne Tomsich Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. A past president of the American College of Cardiology and former chair of the FDA's Cardiovascular Renal Drugs Advisory Committee, he has had a leading role in highlighting potential risks associated with certain drugs, including rofecoxib (Vioxx) and rosiglitazone (Avandia). In 2007, Nissen was included on Time Magazine's list of "100 men and women whose power, talent, or moral example is transforming the world."