PA Study Proves Single-payer Health Care Will Save $17 Billion Annually and Cover Everybody in PA

By Chuck Pennacchio (about the author)
Published in Op-Ed News 3-11-1

As Executive Director of Health Care for ALL PA, I am proud to share the recent Economic Impact Study of our one payer legislation designed to provide comprehensive, affordable healthcare to every Pennsylvanian.

A single-payer health care plan will save Pennsylvania families, businesses and tax payers $17 billion annually while providing comprehensive health care to all, according to an economic impact study released today.

Commissioned by Health Care for All PA, a statewide non-profit organization, the study was conducted by University of Massachusetts - Amherst professor of economics Gerald Friedman, Ph.D.

It compares the cost of the current for-profit health insurance model in Pennsylvania under which provider choice is limited and health services are rationed by health insurance companies to that of a consumer-driven health care system which gives people freedom to choose their own doctors, hospitals and health care providers.

The legislation to create this single-payer system will be re-introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate (Senate Bill 400) on March 19 by Senator Jim Ferlo. The name of this state-based, consumer-driven health care system will be The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan.