Health Care is a Human Right: Sign our online petition

We thank those of you who have signed our online petition, and for those who have not we ask that you please do so. Since the initial launch of our petition on November 26, 2012, and as of today, we have received over 875 signatures. The more signatures we have, the better and stronger the message will be to persuade our elected officials. We need health care, and we need it now!

In addition, we are also requesting that you sign up to receive our movement’s newsletter and notifications. SUBSCRIBE HERE: We ask you to join us in our struggle toward achieving a universal publicly funded, comprehensive health care system. We need and appreciate your support. Please help us, in whatever manner you choose, in continuing to advocate for a public good that benefits all.

Please CLICK HERE to sign our petition. We also encourage you to share these sites with your families, neighbors, friends, co-workers and other networking contacts. Having financial access to health care services is the difference between quality of life and a preventable premature death.

We believe health care is a “Human Right!”

 Thanking you once again for your undying support.

From all of us at HCAO,

Glendora Claybrooks, Petitioner

HCAO Volunteer Organizer