HCAO ORA Health Care Reform-Action Team Update

by Cheryl Simpson Whitaker

Escape Firethe Fight to Rescue American Health Care, was the featured documentary at Eastern Oregon Film Festival in La Grande on March 3, sponsored by Oregon Rural Action’s Health Care Reform Action Team

Escape Fire.jpg

Crowds stood in line in front of the Granada Theatre waiting for the doors to open for this acclaimed documentary. More than 100 people viewed this unsettling film. A panel of local health care providers addressed the crowd at the conclusion of the film, photo petition photos were taken, literature distributed and t-shirts sold.

The film festival viewing of Escape Fire provided an excellent opportunity to reach out to the community with information about health care reform. CLICK HERE for trailer: 

Lesson learned: take advantage of event “lines” to share information, obtain signatures for written petitions and to gain support for local HCAO activities. People have time to spare and were easy to engage.

Thanks to all the great HCAO ORA HCR-Action Team volunteers for making this a successful event!