Letter to The Oregonian (unpublished):

by Cliff Goldman, Portland Jobs with Justice

Moda Health's renaming of the Rosa Garden to the drab name of  Moda Center will become the poster child for what's wrong with private health insurance. Here you have a corporation using insurance premium dollars, 40 million of them, for advertising that could otherwise be used for providing medical and dental benefits to more people. Since Moda, aka ODS Heatlh Plans, is advertising, they will undoubtedly get a tax break which means that Moda's renaming of the Rose Garden, will be subsidized by the government, the people.

With publicly funded health insurance, single payer universal health care, there's no corporate profit. No naming- rights deals. Everyone gets medical and dental coverage.

In time we will have publicly funded universal health care! And then every thing will be coming up Roses, once again.