It’s time for real health care reform

Register-Guard Local Opinion, PUBLISHED:AUG. 22, 2013
By Shelley Pineo-Jensen

Labor unions are joining the movement for universal health care as the next logical step after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called Obamacare. Health care is still a for-profit corporate industry under the ACA. There is a better way.

Some good has been accomplished: The number of people on the Oregon Health Plan will expand starting Jan. 1, 2014; insurance companies can no longer deny coverage for children because of pre-existing conditions; and parents can insure their children up to age 26.

Unfortunately, low-paid nonunion workers have little to celebrate. Additionally, ACA does not protect current levels of coverage for union workers who have negotiated decent health care benefits, as costs continue to climb unrestrained by government regulations.