Coalition members march for Health Care in the Eugene Celebration Parade

Report by Lou Sinniger, Eugene HCAO PAC

  Occupy Medical-Eugene backs up   the Coalition entry .

Occupy Medical-Eugene backs up the Coalition entry.

We had over 30 activists with Health Care is a Human Right T-Shirts march in the Eugene Celebration Parade today (8/24/13) as part of the Lane County Unions, Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network (JwJ), Occupy Medical, GreenPeace, and Occupy Interfaith contingency.

Linda Peterson (AFSCME), Shelley Pineo-Jensen (ESSN), and Joan Armstead (HCAO) were the main organizers who brought 100 people together for our part of the parade.

The Eugene Celebration parade was a two-mile walk lined with Eugene citizens. Deb McGee led our chants and songs.  Even though we will not win the prize for the best presentation or whatever, we did receive applause all along the way for our message “Health Care for All” and “Health Care is a Human Right,”

We did a great job and next year, with a little planning, we will do Outstanding and maybe win a prize……..If they had a prize for best message we would have won!!!!!!

We are proud of ourselves and HCAO.