Letter to Representative Walden

  Frank Erickson, MD  

Frank Erickson, MD 

by Frank Erickson, MD
Published in the East Oregonian, Aug. 24-35

Rep. Walden:

On Medicare's 48th anniversary, I would again urge you to reconsider your stand on health care and support H.R. 676, the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act in order to achieve universal coverage, cost savings and minimize the profit motive from being used in health care decisions.  The recently published Friedman report shows how full access to care via improved Medicare for all would save over $14 Billion in 2014 alone:

Quoting from a email today (8/21/13):
"Professor Gerald Friedman released his new fiscal study, “Funding H.R. 676:  The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act – How we can afford a national single-payer health plan in 2014,” at a well-attended congressional staff briefing on Capitol Hill on July 31. The briefing was hosted by PNHP and Public Citizen. The study shows that a single-payer system would cover everyone, is economically feasible, and would save billions annually."

Counter to your recent Medford experience cited in your newsletter, many of the docs in the Pendleton IPA can recall how private insurers have postponed with-held payments on thin excuses, cost small offices perpetual extra administrative efforts due to claims and permission shenanigans which have repeatedly delayed and prevented appropriate care; many of us would not be sorry to see private insurers replaced by a universal single payer system that works.  We are not so interested as you seem to be in protecting the existing insurers due to their past history of abuse of both patients and docs in the name of profit.  PPACA simply perpetuates and increases utilization of third party insurers in the non-system we currently call health care in America.  We want the everybody in, nobody out insurance provided by H.R. 676.  Save lives, save money, stop medical bankruptcies.  Support H.R. 676.

Frank Erickson, M.D. Is a Radiologist from Pendleton, Oregon who toured with the Mad As Hell Doctors in 2011 through eastern Oregon. He has served as a Radiation Safety Officer in the Navy and practiced as a Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist since 1986. His interests are focussed on maximizing health care outcomes for his patients who he now sees as all of us through his participation in PNHP and Health Care for All Oregon.