4,832,000 of the most vulnerable remain in the coverage gap

Don McCanne Comment: 
Since it was decided to reject reform that would have been truly universal, you would think that at least we would be covering the most vulnerable segments of our population. But no, half of our states rejected federal funding for Medicaid expansion, leaving almost 5 million otherwise qualified individuals out of the Medicaid program, even though their incomes ironically are too low to qualify them for subsidies to purchase plans in the state insurance exchanges.

Over half of these people left out are people of color, resulting in a widening of the unjust disparities in care already plaguing our nation.

What a terrible way to start the first year of what is essentially the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It seems pretty obvious what our New Year’s resolution should be: Let’s bring health care to everyone through an improved and expanded Medicare for all.

See: The Impact of the Coverage Gap in States not Expanding Medicaid by Race and Ethnicity
Kaiser Family Foundation, December 17, 2013