Open Enrollment Begins, Oregonians Must Re-Enroll

ABC News, Nov 14, 2014
by GOSIA WOZNIACKA Associated Press

Oregon's health insurance marketplace will be in a unique position: because of the switch to the federal portal, all Oregonians who previously enrolled in private health insurance will have to re-enroll via HealthCare.Gov to keep their coverage. That's in addition to uninsured Oregonians who will apply for the first time.

Oregon residents who already are covered cannot automatically roll over to the same or similar plan as the one they had last year — as people in other states who relied on the federal exchange last year can elect to do.

Altogether some 300,000 Oregonians could be enrolling in via HealthCare.Gov starting this weekend — 105,000 who enrolled through the state exchange last year and about 202,000 who remain uninsured according to a recent study.

That means there likely will be a lot more scrutiny of the various plans offered by 15 insurance carriers in Oregon, officials said.