Basic Health Can Increase Health Coverage and Economic Security for Thousands of Oregon Families

 J anet Bauer, OCPP Policy Analyst

Janet Bauer, OCPP Policy Analyst

News Release, Oregon Center for Public Policy, November 10, 2014

Some 10,000 low-income Oregonians would gain health insurance and tens of thousands more would see sharply reduced health insurance costs should the state enact a “Basic Health Program.” That’s according to a state-commissioned study released today, which also showed that Oregon can structure the program in such a way as to cost little or even to generate a small surplus.

The study arrives as health advocates are urging lawmakers to create a Basic Health Program, an option under the Affordable Care Act. The advocates see Basic Health as a good way to improve health insurance coverage among low-income adults who make too much to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, but too little JanJanet Bauerto easily afford commercial insurance. The study estimates that 17 percent of this group remains uninsured, despite recent gains from health reform.

“Basic Health is a bargain,” said Janet Bauer, policy analyst with the Oregon Center for Public Policy, who reviewed the study. “At little to no cost to the state, Oregon can improve the health coverage and economic security of tens of thousands of vulnerable Oregon families.”