Vermont Single-payer Advocacy Group Gets Boost From NEA

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Poll Shows Support for Health Reform
by Morgan True, vtdigger Feb. 21, 2014

The single-payer advocacy group Vermont Leads is back in action with an $80,000 infusion of cash from the National Education Association, the nation’s largest union.

The grassroots organization has returned with a new poll it says illustrates broad support for Vermont’s health care reform agenda.

Peter Sterling, the group’s director, said the poll wasn’t conducted to make a splash in the media, but to help the NEA gauge public opinion on single-payer before throwing its support behind the initiative.

“We support Green Mountain Care, and believe it is an outstanding opportunity for Vermont to show the rest of the country that universally available, portable and publicly funded health care can work for all Vermonters,” Vermont NEA President Martha Allen said in a statement.

They are also interested because teachers’ unions will eventually be required to purchase health insurance through the state exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act.