The Single-Payer Answer to Our Broken Healthcare System


Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v13n6 (02/06/2014)
by George Sax

A skeptical, well-dressed middle-aged man was the first person to take advantage of Dr. Andy Coates’s surprise invitation to the audience gathered Thursday evening in D’Youville College’s Madonna Lounge to hear him discuss the need and prospects for a national single-payer health insurance system. Instead of immediately proceeding to his remarks, Coates, an Albany physician and a nationally recognized expert, asked the approximately 100 people in the audience if any of them wanted to ask a question, and this questioner challenged the very idea of national health insurance.

“I don’t trust the federal government,” he told Coates. “The postal system had a monopoly and they screwed it up.” Private delivery firms, he charged, had done a better job and dismissed the idea that the government could run a health insurance system.