Health care's future the focus of Salem City Club panel

                           Michael Huntington

                         Michael Huntington

Note from Michael Huntington:
At the bottom of the left column Ms. Yoo’s syntax would lead readers to think that the ACA can drop doctors and services which is only indirectly true.  It’s the insurance companies which are already dropping expensive services (medically justified or not) and doctors (especially those who take on sicker patients) and in effect resurrecting the exclusion of people with pre-existing conditions problem.

btySaerom Yoo
The Statesman Journal, Business Section, March 8, 2014

After a five-part series of Salem City Club forums on health care reform, attendees appeared to be generally optimistic about the future success of the Affordable Care Act and Oregon's health care transformation.

At the end of the last program of the health care series Friday, City Club members and guests used yellow balls to wager on whether health care reform would meet all three of its main goals, two, just one or none at all.

Fifty-six out of 83 people voted that health care reform either would meet all three or two out of three of the goals.

The three objectives:

  • Provide better and broader access to quality health care
  • Result in better outcomes for health care
  • Lower the future cost of health care to citizens

Before the vote, three experts weighed in with their own perspectives on the future of health care.