How Insurance Companies Have Unfair Advantage

                                                   Kris Alman

                                                 Kris Alman

by Kris Alman, Guest Opinion for the Lund Report

This op-ed article is a continuation of "Big Data and Lawful Threats to Privacy, " and this segment illustrates how insurance companies' unequal access to our personal health information gives them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. The second and last segment will appear in next week's edition.

OPINION -- Bill Moyers introduced his recent guest Joseph Stiglitz, an economist and professor at Columbia University, saying,“(T)he situation in America is grave – that’s his exact word for it: grave. Inequality too great, unemployment too high, public investments too meager, corporations too greedy, and the tax code too biased toward the very rich.”

This situation has grave consequences: The haves are living longer lives than the have-nots.