State Punts Medicaid Enrollment to Federal Website with Cover Oregon

State official Tina Edlund told legislators Monday that the state has given up trying to conduct most enrollments for the Oregon Health Plan itself. Like the private insurance consumers, low-income Oregonians will be directed to to get coverage. Cover Oregon Director Aaron Patnode also explained that a recent error means consumers with certain subsidized insurance plans will owe about $20 more than they were first told.

by Christopher David Gray for The Lund Report, 9-16-14

The state is backing away from any involvement with new Obamacare health enrollments come Nov. 15, with former health authority director Tina Edlund telling legislators Monday that the federal online portal -- -- will be in charge of new Medicaid enrollments as well as enrollments for subsidized insurance that had been the responsibility of Cover Oregon.

The state will host a website -- -- that automatically redirects consumers who either want a subsidized individual health insurance plan or the Oregon Health Plan, to, as the state gives up conducting its own enrollment for either population.