Basic Health Could Improve Dental Coverage in Oregon

Fact Sheet. Center for Public Policy
September 5, 2014
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Should Oregon enact a Basic Health Program, more than 87,000 low-income adults could gain access to dental insurance coverage they currently lack.[1] Oregonians without such insurance struggle to obtain necessary dental care and endure costly health problems.[2] Without a Basic Health Program, many low-income adults in Oregon who don’t have health insurance through work will continue to struggle to afford mandated health insurance, let alone dental coverage, which adds to the cost.

Presently, for low-income adults whose income is too high for the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon’s health insurance marketplace offers the best deal on insurance. In the marketplace, low-income adults — those earning between 138 and 200 percent of the federal poverty line — qualify for generous federal premium subsidies. But even with those subsidies, the cost of the insurance will remain out of reach for many of these adults.[3]