Oracle v. Oregon: Kitzhaber details 'best outcome' for lawsuits, health care priorities for 4th term

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber

Health Care Inc. Northwest Jan 6, 2015
Elizabeth Hayes, Staff Reporter- Portland Business Journal

Gov. John Kitzhaber said the best outcome for the lawsuits stemming from the Cover Oregon debacle would be a negotiated settlement.

"I'm interested in recouping the resources," Kitzhaber said in an interview today. "There was a delta between what would have cost us to enroll if we had a fully functioning website and that extra manual step. To the extent that resources were wasted, that's where you can legitimately make that charge. The technology was not good technology and the cost shouldn't be borne by the state."

The state and IT contractor Oracle Corp. are pursuing dueling lawsuits over who's at fault for the bug-ridden exchange, which the state basically scrapped in favor of using the federal exchange.