John Oliver: How Big Pharma Makes Doctors Into Drug Pushers [Video]

In this hilarious and chillingly honest video, John Oliver reveals the stunning truth about how doctors are bribed to push drugs. It turns out that nine out of the top ten drug makers spend more money on marketing than they do on research. And most of that money is spent not on marketing to consumers, but rather, on marketing to doctors. Watch and share!

Comment by a Mad as Hell Doctor

When I was doing my internal medicine thing in Albany from '63 to '79, I offered to schedule all the drug reps to meet with me on 1 day a year. Most were incredulous and declined, but still would leave free samples. This was the policy at Mayo during my residency and I agreed with it.

When I was employed at several group practices, regular lunch meetings were the method of most Big Pharma companies to pitch their wares. I eschewed them and got the "stink eye" from colleagues and staff who attended and saw nothing wrong in it!

This satirical muckraking by John Oliver is brilliant and deserves your attention, IMHO. It is also, sadly, too true.  Please know these practices of Big Pharma, and those health professionals who are "on the take", have been strongly condemned by ethical journals and doctors.  Know also that HCAO using Single Payer will fix the problem, just another benefit, among many.  

Joseph H. Eusterman, MD; MS(Med); FACOEM; CIME; AME (Ret.)