Alert: Some OHP clients may lose coverage

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Allies for a Healthier Oregon (AHO) - We Can Do Better

Dear community partner : 

Are you seeing clients who received a notice from the Oregon Health Plan saying their coverage will end soon? 

67,000 low income Oregonians were just recently told by the state that they (or their citizen children) will lose their Oregon Health Plan coverage at the end of January or February.  Those people received a notice in the last 6 months telling them they need to go through a renewal or re-determination process in order to keep their OHP coverage.   Many of those people tried to renew or re-determine (some by going to the federal website, some by trying to call OHP, some by trying to get help from their local self-sufficiency office/case worker) but are still getting a letter from OHP saying something like:

“Your Oregon Health Plan benefits are ending.  We have not received your renewal information.  Your benefits will end on  (date)”.

Some people are getting notices from OHP in a language they don’t understand and are not sure how to respond to the notices.   

The Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon are trying to help people who tried to renew or didn’t understand that they needed to renew keep their Oregon Health Plan coverage.  If you are providing services to (or assisting) a client/patient who is going to lose their OHP (or their citizen children will lose their OHP coverage) and who tried to “re-determine” or couldn’t understand what to do due to language barriers, please contact Beth Englander at the Oregon Law Center, at 503-473-8321.  

Thank you for your time.