Letter to Senator Rod Monroe

from Benjamin Gerritz, HCAO Vice-President

June 5, 2015

Honorable Senator, 

I am writing you to urge you to support HB2828 for a healthy Oregon.  

As a lifelong Oregonian and your constituent, I take great pride living in a state where our legislation is known for propelling our country forward.  This was true with the passage of the Motor Voter Bill this session.  I appreciate your leadership in passing this important Bill and I am asking you to continue to exercise leadership through passing HB2828 funding the Bill with $400,000.  

This Bill will help bolster common sense solutions for making Oregon's healthcare more accessible and cost effective.  It is a sound approach given our current growth in healthcare expenditures is simply not sustainable.  Too many Oregonians are struggling with paying rent let alone the high costs of insurance premiums and copays when they get sick.  This is translating to people avoiding care which we pay a fortune for in the end with unnecessary emergency room visits.  HB2828 is a common sense opportunity to create a healthier Oregon.  A healthier Oregon increases productivity.  Increased productivity supports a thriving economy.   

Funding this Bill not only makes sense in terms of Oregonian's health, it will also benefit local businesses.  Our current approach to health care makes it challenging for our business community to project budgets with costs continually fluctuating.  This makes it difficult to allocate additional dollars for economic opportunities.  HB2828 would produce solutions for resolving this so employers could put more money into creating jobs.

Studies of healthcare financing conducted in other states have demonstrated that high quality care could be offered to people at a cost savings of $1,000/yr.  For Oregon, this would mean $4 Billion in annual savings.  A large amount of money that could help significantly with funding for our schools.  

I understand that balancing our state's budget can be challenging.  Tough decisions have to be made about where funds ought to be allocated.  In making these decisions, I hope our Oregon continues to move our state forward for our people and our economy.  Passing and funding HB2828 at $400,000 will produce solutions for our state's healthcare while bolstering our revenue and leading to the creation of new and needed jobs.  

Thank you for your time and I look forward to expressing my appreciation for your yes vote on HB2828.

Solidarity Always,