US Improving in Health Care Quality, But Still Lagging Behind Other Countries, New Analysis Finds

Kaiser Health News Sept. 10, 2015

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A new brief on the Peterson-Kaiser Health System Tracker finds that the quality of the U.S. health system is improving in many areas, but comparable countries continue to outperform the United States on key measures.

Analysts from the Kaiser Family Foundation compiled an overall picture of health care quality in the United States, using the best available data from numerous sources on health outcomes, quality of care, and access to services.

The brief, Measuring the Quality of Healthcare in the U.S., also discusses why existing indicators are imperfect, and outlines the challenges of establishing meaningful national quality measures that can reliably show how the system is influencing the health of Americans. The brief explains that we have good data on how much we are spending on health care in the United States, but know much less about what outcomes we are getting in return for that spending, and how much those outcomes are influenced by the health care system itself.