SOJWJ Board members deliver basket to Mercy Hospital nurses

Jason and Vanessa Houk

Vanessa and Jason Houk, HCAO RV.

Vanessa and Jason Houk, HCAO RV.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice hand delivers a Solidarity Basket to nurses working at Mercy Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon.  The Oregon Nurses Association represented nurses have had some very tough duty following the horrible mass shootings at Umpqua Community College.  A special thanks to the Houk family (Vanessa, Jason with children Madison and Grace) who drove up to Roseburg, made the delivery and then reported back with this post on the SOJwJ website.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, October 13, 2015

One of the first actions of our Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice coalition was to stand with the nurses at Mercy Hospital as they struggled for a fair contract. We remember the nurses and the difficult time they had as first responders and we wanted to show our solidarity and support.

We traveled to Roseburg to deliver a basket of fruit and treats for the Mercy Nurses. We met Oregon Nurses Association organizer and emergency nurse Carolyn and delivered our gifts. We were told about the amazing support and love from the community and the nation. We then traveled to Umpqua Community College to share as silent witnesses.

The road that leads to Umpqua Community College was full of signs of support and love. By mid-afternoon, the campus was very quiet. We saw a dozen or so students, some sitting on the ground surrounded by counselors and therapy dogs. There were dozens of people on campus in supportive roles, as well as uniformed police and security.

Close to Snyder Hall (where the shootings occurred) there is the university’s library. Library’s are like churches to us, so we went inside for a moment. A young man entered the foyer from the main building and answered his cell phone. “I’m in the library,” I heard him say. “Yes, everything is okay. I’m fine.”


Independence Day Parade in Ashland: Report by Wes Brain

Health Care for ALL Oregon-Rogue Valley unveils its new banner to an enthusiastic crowd of thousands in Ashland this Independence Day 2013.  Twenty red shirts sported their Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice entry to the participatory crowd who first chanted "Everybody In--Nobody Out" and then, spontaneously without prompting, started chanting "Health Care, Health Care, Health Care..." Additionally I heard a number of people call out individually: "Yes, health care is a human right" and that included a few (estimated age) 12 to 15 year-olds...


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a fine day to be part of Oregon's fastest growing grass roots
Care is a Human Right!  


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What a fine day to be part of Oregon's fastest growing grass roots campaign

Health Care is a Human Right!


A Day as an HCAO Advocate–Salem, May 13

by Pat Bitner, Eugene

Bus Coordinator and Advocate for HCAO

A very large "Thank You" to all you 34 true believers who came up to Salem on Monday to advocate for HB 2922, Affordable Health Care for All Oregon. For a lot  of us, it was a return visit after our Rally at the Capitol on Feb. 4. 

Monday began early, and earlier yet for the three HCAO activists who drove 65 miles from Florence on the coast to join our bus group in Eugene. On our way, we profited from a presentation and handout from Lou Sinniger, our Eugene group chair. Then we enjoyed the leadership of Debby McGee and Patty Hine as we sang our way north to  lyrics revised from old standards to suit the cause.  A great way to raise spirits and energy for the day ahead!

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Health Care Reform 201: Building the Movement

HOLD THE DATE – SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013 – 10 AM to 3 PM!
Free half-day workshop in La Grande Oregon sponsored by the Oregon Rural Action Health Care Reform Action Team

This workshop is a gathering place for people concerned about health care for all people in Oregon.  We expect to see people from Eastern Oregon (Malheur, Baker, Union, Wallowa and Umatilla counties) that want to:

1.     increase knowledge of the movement for universal, single payer health care reform in Oregon, while building skills and confidence for

·      tabling in public places

·      presenting at house parties

·      speaking with small groups or clubs, and

2.     expand and strengthen the eastern Oregon health care reform network

Location: [available soon]

Lunch will be provided [let us know if you have special food requirements]

Space limited - make your reservation ASAP with: Bill Whitaker, Co-Chair, ORA Health Care Reform Action Team: 541-663-1358

Independent Media Week in Rogue Valley

You and a friend or two!

Healthcare for All Oregon -- Rogue Valley
Peace House, Citizens for Peace and Justice,
Oregon Action,
Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice 

The Healthcare Movie
 is featured in Southern Oregon during Independent Media Week—2013. 
ALL Screenings are free!

Sunday April 14, 2:30 p.m.- (doors open at 2, program starts at 2:15) Meese Room in the Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University
Tuesday April 16, 3:00 p/m.- (video screenings start at 2) Room SU330 in the Stevenson Union at Southern  Oregon University

To expand the Health Care for All-Oregon campaign by offering Southern Oregonians The Healthcare Movie, followed by a question and answer session.  HCAO--RV offers educational and mobilization opportuities of engagment for all Southern Oregonians.

Campaign engagement opportunities:  photo shoot, coffee sign-ups, May 13 Salem mobilization


If you want to help out with either Sunday or Tuesday movie screenings, please contact Mark Kellenbeck  


The Healthcare Movie   website: 
The Healthcare Movie   trailer – YouTube (1:39 mins):  

HCAO ORA Health Care Reform-Action Team Update

by Cheryl Simpson Whitaker

Escape Firethe Fight to Rescue American Health Care, was the featured documentary at Eastern Oregon Film Festival in La Grande on March 3, sponsored by Oregon Rural Action’s Health Care Reform Action Team

Escape Fire.jpg

Crowds stood in line in front of the Granada Theatre waiting for the doors to open for this acclaimed documentary. More than 100 people viewed this unsettling film. A panel of local health care providers addressed the crowd at the conclusion of the film, photo petition photos were taken, literature distributed and t-shirts sold.

The film festival viewing of Escape Fire provided an excellent opportunity to reach out to the community with information about health care reform. CLICK HERE for trailer: 

Lesson learned: take advantage of event “lines” to share information, obtain signatures for written petitions and to gain support for local HCAO activities. People have time to spare and were easy to engage.

Thanks to all the great HCAO ORA HCR-Action Team volunteers for making this a successful event!

HCAO-Bandon screens The Health Care Movie

Report by Bob and Carol Fischer

We showed The Health Care Movie yesterday at 2 p.m. in the Bandon Library. We had 70 people. Drs. Hochfeld, Huntington and Bandon's own Dr. Gail McClave were there to answer questions. We had lots of flyers and the tri-fold that we copied from the HCAO website. 40 people signed the postcards we printed asking Rep. Wayne Krieger to support HB 2922. We got names and email addresses of 30 people who want to be kept up to date on news from Salem about single payer.

The Healt  h Care Movie   . Bandon

The Health Care Movie. Bandon

ORA joins Walk for Warmth


Photo published by The Voice: the online student newspaper of Eastern Oregon University

Oregon Rural Action's Health Care Reform Action Team Walkers (15) joined the 5th annual Walk for Warmth held Feb. 16 in La Grande, Oregon.  We took photo petitions, distributed information, sold shirts, carried signs, walked, danced and had a great time raising community awareness about Health Care for All in Oregon.  We also helped raise $10,000 to help the economically disadvantaged pay for home heating. Funds are distributed by the local organization Community Connections.

Contributed by Cheryl Simpson, for Oregon Rural Action