The committees of Health Care for All Oregon invite you to participate in growing the movement for health care for all people in Oregon. We are very interested in increasing representation from all regions of the state on all committees. Meetings are often help by conference call. If you can serve on one of these committees, please contact us to learn more.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee seeks to raise awareness of our HCAO campaign and provide information about our purpose across the state of Oregon.

Our message: Health Care for All-Oregon

  • Health Care is a human right (moral argument)
  • Health care is a public good (civic argument)
  • Universal publicly funded health care is good for the economy. (economic argument)

Benjamin Gerritz, Chair

Education Committee

The Education Committee:

  • Identifies training needs and facilitates training events statewide,
  • Develops content of fliers, educational materials in consult with Communications Committee,
  • Organizes and manages a Speaker’s Bureau,
  • Coordinates public outreach, such as tabling,
  • Researches information as needed and requested.

Hyung Nam, Chair

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in charge of fund raising for HCAO.  Its duties are to:

  • Develop and propose the annual budget,
  • Develop a fund raising plan and oversee its implementation,
  • Raise funds (in conjunction with other HCAO committees),
  • Train fund raisers,
  • Coordinate and consult with other committees, as needed.

Anyone interested in serving on the Finance committee should contact us.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for formulating legislation and legislative strategy to secure publicly funded health care for everyone in Oregon and ultimately the United States.  The committee works with the HCAO Board and all internal committees to coordinate with our member organizations, including HCAO chapters, throughout the state to develop effective campaigns to carry out the legislative strategy, both in the legislature and through citizen legislation in the form or ballot referrals or initiatives.

In concert with the above we are responsible for:

  • Providing analysis of the legislature for creating constituent and public pressure across the state, 
  • Working to support internal and external understanding of legislative strategies and campaigns for our constituents. 
  • Working to formulate HCAO responses to relevant policy debates, in Oregon and nationally, so that HCAO deepens internal and public understanding with clear and effective messages.
  • Politically unifying the HCAO Coalition and all its members to change the laws of the land in order to create a publicly funded health care system that is universally inclusive, equitable, accountable, transparent, participatory, and for the public good.

Charlie Swanson, Chair

Membership Committee

Duties of the Organization Development Committee are to:

  • Recruit new existing organizations into HCAO,
  • Provide support to member organizations,
  • Assess the capacity of member organizations,
  • Act as a liaison between member organizations and other committees,
  • Direct member organizations to resources or help.

Lou Sinniger, Chair

Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee is responsible for developing the strategies, tools, and resources needed to engage, educate, and mobilize Oregonians in our Health Care is a Human Right movement.   The primary duties include:

  • Develop proposals for actions and projects to build the power of our grassroots base,
  • Identify, train and support leaders statewide,
  • Support development of new and existing chapters,
  • Coordinate communication between chapters,
  • Coordinate volunteer recruitment and placement.

Lee Mercer, Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee

Duties of the Nominations and Elections Committee are defined in the HCAO bylaws:

  • Conduct extensive recruitment process among member organizations,
  • Propose nominees for officer, board and Nominations and Election committee members, 
  • Administer elections.

Bob Fischer, Chair