HCAO Action


Health Care for All Oregon Action (HCAO-Action) is the advocacy partner for Health Care for All-Oregon building towards passage of laws and measures to gain universal health care.

Expanded and Improved Medicare for All

It’s time for an expanded and improved Medicare for All single-payer system – the best replacement for the Affordable Care Act. I support moving forward in Oregon, to show our country that we can have an equitable, affordable, comprehensive, high quality, universal system serving everyone in Oregon!

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Gaining universal health care in Oregon will require passage of a ballot measure.  HCAO-Action is preparing to lead the fight for passage of a measure on the November 2020 ballot.  There are multiple paths to the ballot, it could be an initiative campaign, it could be a referral to the ballot from the legislature, or it could be passed by the legislature and then placed on the ballot by referendum.  In the end, we know that it will be on the ballot.  When this happens, we know that the health insurance industry and big pharmaceutical companies will put millions of dollars into the campaign against us.

To counter the millions in opposition, we need to do three things,

  1. Carefully prepare the best possible measure.
  2. Educate voters throughout Oregon as to the benefits of our plan, and how it will improve health care for all in Oregon.
  3. Maintain the support of voters when confronted by millions of dollars in opposition.

To succeed, we will need volunteers, we will need supporters talking to your friends and neighbors, and we will need enough money raised to run a campaign.  We do not need to outspend the opposition, but we do need enough money to run a serious campaign in support.

To join in this effort,

HCAO-Action Board President, Jim Robison, jim@jimrobison.org