HCAO Eugene Takes Part in Eugene Celebration

HCAO Eugene Takes Part in Eugene Celebration

HCAO Eugnen to take part in The Eugene CelebrationFor the Eugene Celebration Parade (the only part of the Eugene Celebration that was not canceled) and Festival of Eugene (the grassroots event in response to the cancellation of the traditional Eugene Celebration), I am the contact person.  Here are all the details. 

PARADE:  August 23, 10:30 a.m., HCAO joins with Labor Unions and Occupy Medical to march in the Eugene Celebration parade.  Meet at the corner of Patterson and E 19th Streets in the South High School parking lot.  Wear your Health Care is a Human Right T-shirts.  Bring your own favorite sign or use one of the signs provided to carry in the parade.  Coffee with donuts and coffee cake available.

HCAO members will carry our banner and signs, singing and chanting along the way. A skit will be performed at appropriate spots/stops along the parade route.  The skit is a Pharmaceutical Company CEO holding a larger-than-life (for visibility) Rx bottle and a roll of red tape with glittering dollar signs on it.  A regular person, who may appear/act out being sick (It’s up to who plays the part), will reach for the prescription bottle while holding onto the red tape, but to no avail, as the red tape only gets longer.  Someone else who is marching will carry a sign with a related message (message being created). (The surgery skit in the rolling hospital gurney with organ and wallet removal will not be ready. The plan now is to get it ready for the rally on the Capitol steps in Salem in February 2015.)

TABLING BOOTH AT FESTIVAL OF EUGENE:  The Festival of Eugene has been organized to replace the canceled Eugene Celebration.  HCAO is partnering with ESSN (Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network) in a 10’x10’ booth that concentrates on education. The current plan is to hold the event at Skinners Butte Park on Friday and Saturday, August 22-23.  Friday hours are 4-10 p.m. Saturday hours are 12-10 p.m., with booth closing time at 8 p.m.

Stay tuned for possible changes in plans.

Joan Armstead