Health Care Questionnaire

HCAO Health Care Questionnaire Kit

Health Care for All-Oregon interviews supporters and potential supporters using the Health Care Questionnaire to gather information, to inform people, and to provide input on how to better educate, mobilize, and raise funds. The success of HCAO begins with the passion, commitment, and enthusiasm of current members of HCAO. Their outreach with the Health Care Questionnaire is an important part of the campaign to create a comprehensive, equitable, affordable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States.

HCAO Health Care Questionnaire Kit Contents (1 page)
List of documents, which can be used as a table of contents for notebooks, handouts, etc.  

HCAO Health Care Questionnaire (2 pages)
Guides the interview between HCAO volunteer and another person

HCAO Health Care Questionnaire Guide (4 pages)
Describes the steps necessary to successfully follow up wheninformation is collecte on a Sign-in Sheet, Statement of Support, Photo Petition,

HCAO Research and Civic Engagement Project for Educators (2 pages)
High school, college and university class project on health care financing as it relates to real life situations with people being interviewed with the HCAO Health Care Questionnaire.

Expression of Interest

HCAO Involvement Opportunity Form (1 page)
A form for supporters to use who want to get involved to indicate their preferences and skills. This form provides the same information as the Combined Check-in Call & Opportunities to Participate Form and the Opportunities to Participate Form on the HCAO website,        

Engagement Resources

HCAO Follow-up Summary (1 page)
Provides a way to evaluate the steps for follow up

HCAO Follow-up Guide (4 pages)
Describes the steps necessary to successfully follow up when information is collected on a Sign-in Sheet, Statement of Support, Photo Petition Release Form, Questionnaire or other form.          

HCAO Glossary of Volunteer Opportunities (7 pages)
Excellent resource about HCAO, ways to get involved and descriptions of HCAO state committees and caucuses

HCAO Questionnaire Tracking Report Form (1 page)
Form to attach to completed HCAO Health Care Questionnaires when they are sent to HCAO.