Old Parties for revision


Goals for House Parties

  • Educate our friends and neighbors about “Health Care for All” and how we will build a strong grassroots movement to create an equitable, publicly funded, high quality and comprehensive universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States.

  • Raise funds for HCAO and your local group. We cannot build a movement unless we have funding for staff, materials, events, etc. And fundraising can be FUN!

  • Mobilize your house party guests into action – starting with filling out a Health Care Survey or signing up to get HCAO emails.

Your House Party Mentor

  • A mentor from HCAO will talk to you on the phone about how to do a house party and answer all of your questions. We know putting on a house party can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

    • You will not have to make a presentation at your house party. We will provide a speaker or a video.

    • You will not have to ask your guests for a donation; we will send someone to your party to do this. We have enclosed a sample request for donations so you can see how low key it is.


  • Set the date for your house party

  • Talk to HCAO about getting a speaker and a person to ask for donations

  • Consider asking a friend or family member to help you put on your house party (this is optional, but can be very helpful)

  • Decide on the number of participants you would like to have attend (10-15 people is just fine. More depends on the size of your house and how big a party you want to have)

  • Make an invitation list

    • This can include friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, acquaintances, your doctor, just about anyone

    • The number of people on the list should be at least three times your goal, since not everyone will attend

    • Keep your list of names, phone numbers, emails and street addresses in one place

  • Prepare the invitations, either sending a card, emails, or electronic invitations

    • You may want to mention in the invitation that “contributions to HCAO will be accepted at the event.” This lets people know the house party is a fundraiser.

    • Encourage everyone to bring a friend

  • Plan the agenda for your house party (see outline below). Keep it short and sweet, less than two hours.

  • Plan refreshments. Coffee, tea and cookies are fine.

  • A few days after the invitations are sent, follow up with a phone calls to ask people to confirm attendance

  • Make reminder calls (they are really important) a day or two before the house party

    • Ask people if they need directions to your house. This way they will not feel as though you are ‘bugging’ them.

Recommended House Party Agenda

  • Set up a table and place the various handouts on the table (handouts are in the house party box)

  • Have a friend sit at the door to greet people and ask them to sign the sign-in sheet (in the toolkit)

  • Offer refreshments

  • Ask people to be seated, welcome them, and ask everyone to introduce themselves.

  • Icebreaker (15 minutes):

    • Health Care Survey (in the toolkit)

      • Pass out a copy of the survey to each person. Ask people to work in groups of two to fill out the survey, telling each other their stories.

      • When this is done, ask for a few volunteers to tell their health care stories

      • Collect the surveys

  • Introduce the speaker or video. This can be very brief or you can say why this issue is important to you.

    • Speaker or video presentation (30 minutes)

    • Discussion and questions (30 minutes)

  • Asking for donations (10 minutes)

    • Either the speaker or another person we will send to the house party will ask for donations. This will be very low key (see the sample in the toolkit)

    • Donation envelopes will be provided (in the house party box)

  • Hand out “Ways to Get Involved” (in the house party box)

    • Give people time to read it and ask questions. The ask them to fill in the “these are things I would like to do” form at the bottom of the “Ways to Get Involved” handout.

      • Collect the “things I would like to do” form as guests are leaving

  • Thank everyone for coming and invite them to take copies of the brochures and other hand outs set out on a table nearby (in the house party box)

  • Offer refreshments again

  • Try to end on time, although if people want to stay and talk to the speaker or just stay and talk, that is fine.

Follow up

  • Send to HCAO, 316 SW Washington, Corvallis, OR 97333:

    • Health care surveys

    • Donation envelopes (it is ok to open them and count the money)

    • The sign in sheets (make sure all the information on the sign in sheet is legible)

    • The feedback form (in the toolkit)

    • The “things I would like to do to help” slips at the end of the “Ways to Get Involved” form

  • Within two days, email or call your house party participants to thank them

  • . Not only is this polite, it might lead to a fruitful discussion about their follow-up questions or desires to get more involved. This is not essential to do, but is very useful.