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    Tell people why you personally support HCAO or single payer

    Explain the Need (but don’t get bogged down in details)

  • Health care costs are the number one reason that people go bankrupt in the US

  • There are currently 646,000 uninsured people in Oregon; that would fill Autzen Stadium (at the University of Oregon) more than 10 times

  • One of those uninsured people was Tyler, from Beaverton, OR. He died at age 27. He was married and had a 5-year old son. He was diagnosed with asthma when he was 2 years old. After he lost his job, he cut down on his asthma medications because he could not afford them. In December 2010, he suffered a severe asthma attack, was hospitalized in a coma, and died shortly thereafter.


       How HCAO Meets the Need

  • HCAO is a statewide coalition working to create an equitable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and in the United States.

          End with “the ask”

  • Asking for money:

    • HCAO is raising money so that we can build a statewide, grassroots organization to pass universal access to health care legislation in Oregon.

    • Everyone should give something. $1 means as much to us as $100. Everyone giving is what counts.

      • If you feel comfortable saying how much you donated, it is a very effective motivator.

    • You can put money in the envelope or fill it out with a pledge.

      • Becoming a sustainer (automatic monthly payments) is a great way to give

    • THANKS!