Old Parties for revision



    The success of the house parties educational and fundraising opportunities starts with the passion, commitment, and enthusiasm of the current members of HCAO. By working together, having each delegate host their own house party (or if ones home is not conducive arrange an event at a friend’s, local church or gathering space), we would be well on our way to ensuring HEALTH CARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT becomes a reality. House parties are a place for people to come together to learn about the issues with our current health care system, what’s being done about it, and what they can do to get involved in the movement.


    Hey…( insert name). I know we have a lot of really important issues on our plate we are working on, but the Health Care for ALL Oregon coalition was are a part of has LAUNCHED our statewide movement to have Health Care is a Human Right written into law. It is crazy to think the number one reason people go bankrupt in our country today is because of medical costs. No person should have to choose between rent and life saving medical costs. It just is not right. We need to do something about this.

    I heard Fred say he was going to host a house party. Apparently, they have created a tool-kit with an easy step by step guide on how to host one with guidelines, tools, resources, and contacts. I think I am also going to host one. It sounds like fun. I’m certain I know at least five people that would be interested in coming over to eat some food, listen to a guest speaker, chat about health care, and learn ways to get involved, so we can work together to ensure success in this movement and work towards a sys

    tem that provides comprehensive, affordable, and equitable are to ALL!

    Note: At the end of each house party, encourage every guest to host their own and keep the ball rolling.