Legislative Tools

Templates for Letters to our Legislators

Dear Health Care Advocate,

HCAO is trying to build support in the Oregon legislature for universal, publicly funded health care that follows our principles.  A key method for doing that is for constituents to communicate to their legislators in a personal, individual way that we want them to support such care.  Below is a template you can use as a guide in writing a letter or planning a phone call.  

The most important thing is that the letter or call be in your own words.  Telling your story or expressing your values and why it matters to you communicates powerfully to a legislator.  So use the template as a guide if it helps, but say it the way it makes sense to you.  Add things if you wish, or say it differently if you wish.  

If you call, you most likely will speak to a staffer.  That is o.k. -- the staffer will make notes about your call and let the legislator know.  

We are trying to persuade *all* legislators.  We are not writing off anyone ahead of time.  Health care is a very personal thing, and even conservative legislators can see that the current system is not working well.  Even if we don't get a lawmaker's active support, we may be able to diminish opposition.  So please be polite, assume good will, and write often.  The overall structure we are suggesting is:  What is wrong, What I want, How you can help.  

Below are more detailed templates for how to do that, relating to universal publicly funded (or single payer) health care in Oregon.  These are intended as guidelines.

Please use them in the way that works best for you to express yourself.