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Template - letter/call to known supporter

(remember, put in your own words)

Dear (Representative/Senator X -- fill in title and name as appropriate),

[First point:  Health Care for All-Oregon has told me that you support universal publicly funded health care in Oregon.  I am writing as your constituent to thank you and urge you to work hard to persuade your fellow legislators to join you.]

[Second point:  Health care matters to me (say why, briefly, if you like).  As you know, our current system is failing.  Here is how it has failed (1)me, (2) my family, (3) my business, (4) my clients or customers (5) my friends, (6) my neighbors and community.  (Address any or all of those that are relevant and mean something to you.)]

[Third point:  Rep. Michael Dembrow is sponsoring a universal health care bill in the 2013 session that I support.  If you have not yet done so, I ask you to co-sponsor his bill.]

[Fourth optional point:  This is a top priority issue for me, that will shape my voting choice in the next election.  Your work on this issue matters to me and I will remember it.  Please keep me informed of your efforts.]  

Thank you,

Your constituent,

(Your name and address, plus email or phone address if you like)