Legislative Tools

Write your legislators! Write Now! Write Often!

Dear Health Care Colleagues:

The 2013 Oregon State Legislature is considering two vital health care reform bills.

HB 2922, The Affordable Health Care for All Oregon Plan,  establishes publicly funded universal care (“single payer health care”) in Oregon.

HB 3260. FULL BILL HERE:,  commissions a st

HB 3260 is a sudy of health care financing options in Oregon including single payer health care. The study will be funded by gifts, grants and other funds from private sources.

Both are critical to publicly funded health care in Oregon. Your legislator needs to know you want them to sponsor, support, and vote for both bills.

Visit your legislator in person to tell them to support these bills.

Call their office and explain how you feel to their legislative aide.

Write or E-mail them. To make writing easier, HCAO suggests you use the following outline. It is not important to follow this outline – but it is important you write.

Don’t let your legislator wonder if health care reform is important. It is important to you and therefore it better be important to them.

Write them now. Write them again. Let them know you expect action.

Here is an outline to get you started.
·         Start with the three major sentences.
·         Rephrase them as energy permits.
·         Add alternative suggestions to taste.
·         Keep your letter brief – under 200 words or one page.

“Oregon’s health care system has failed me.”
·         “…failed me and my family.”
·         “…failed my business.”
·         “…failed my clients.” [if in the health care industry]
·         Briefly tell the story of that failure

“I want publicly funded universal health care for Oregon.”
·         State “single payer” instead of “publicly funded universal”

“I want you to sponsor and vote for HB 2922 and HB 3260.”
·         Add… “This is important to win [or keep] my vote.”
·         Add… “Please let me know you received this message.”

Samuel Metz