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Sample Press release

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

(Date of release)
Press release
For immediate release
Contact:  (Local contact information)
                (Designated HCAO spokesperson)

A representative of Health Care for All-Oregon will be visiting (town or area) on (day, date, and time) at (location, room # if any, and address) to discuss our sick health care system, how you can help to heal it, and the concepts that drive the current campaign to bring health care justice to all residents of Oregon.

Annually, an estimated 600 Oregonians die because of lack of access to health care. And according to Physicians for a National Health Program, each month some 1,000 Oregonians, the majority of whom had health insurance, are forced into medical bankruptcy due to our profit-driven health care system.

I've learned that fixing health care is less about health care than the political process that is broken for the same reason,” says Dr. Paul Hochfeld of Corvallis.They are both mostly about money.(or use quote from local activist or medical personnel)

So what can we do about it? Health care advocates in (local area) will be focusing on ways to support the statewide effort to bring publicly funded universal health care to all Oregon residents. Proponents will be working with Oregon legislators in the 2013 session, hoping to emulate Vermont in passing sate legislation enabling universal health care at the state level and eventually at the national level. As in Vermont, the effort will not be easy. The size and power of the health care industry lobby is legendary. The struggle will require a strong and determined grassroots movement, with advocates all over the state demanding justice. Health care should not be a commodity on the market. It is a human right.

If you too are tired of our sick and broken medical system, join the conversation about how we can heal it. Tell us your stories, learn about the Health Care for All-Oregon campaign, and be part of the growing movement for health care justice on ( Repeat date, time and location).


For more information, visit or call (phone number of local event organizer).