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HCAO Individual Membership

We have the most expensive health care system in the world yet rank at or near the bottom of the industrialized world on almost any measure of public health. Even after implementation of the Affordable Care Act, our health insurance and medical costs continue to rise faster and wages and salaries. Our healthcare system remains too costly, too complicated, and too confusing. Oregonians suffer, die, and face bankruptcy because their health insurance fails them. Be part of the movement to bring a fundamental change to health care in Oregon be becoming an Individual Member of Health Care for All Oregon. 

HCAO Individual Members have the rights to:

  • Recommend and nominate HCAO board members;
  • Recommend members and chairs for HCAO committees;
  • rovide advice to the HCAO board and committees on our direction, policies and activities;
  • Run for board and committee chair positions;
  • Serve on HCAO committees;
  • Be recognized as an HCAO Individual Member on our website and in selected print materials;
  • Share your hopes and concerns about health care to broaden our collective knowledge; and
  • Help HCAO bring a universal, high-quality, publicly funded health care system to everyone in Oregon and the United States

To become a member, simply click here and complete the form by selecting "Individual Membership" and paying the minimum $30.00 annual dues, though additional contributions are welcome. Join HCAO to build a health care system in Oregon where every child and every adult receives the health care they need, when they need it.