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Register now for Health Care for All Oregon’s 3rd Annual Meeting June 14

HCAO member organization and chapter delegates, individual members and other supporters of single payer health care in Oregon (and the US) will gather Saturday, June 14, in Portland, to celebrate victories, plan strategies and strengthen the movement to create universal health care in Oregon.

Register now to attend the:

                3rd Annual Health Care for All Oregon Membership Meeting

                Saturday, June 14 10:30 to 4:00 pm (Registration starts at 10:00 am)

                Portland 1st Unitarian Church, 1034 SW 13th Ave, Portland

                Lunch will be provided.                

Click here to register for the HCAO Annual Meeting.          

As the list of single payer supporters and local chapters grows in Oregon, Health Care For All’s committees are busy building the infrastructure to support legislative and ballot initiative victories. Representatives from Mobilization, Education, Communication, Organizational Development, Equity (ad hoc), Finance and Legislative committees will offer opportunities to engage as volunteers in this growing coalition.

Come and help us decide on next steps in the campaign! Delegates will vote on this year’s slate of officers. Help build the infrastructure and leadership to take us to victory in this movement to create a truly just and effective system of health care in Oregon and in America.

Tentative agenda summary:

·         Welcome and overview

·         Highlights of Organizing Progress

·         Strategic Plan Review—Challenges and Opportunities

·         Lunch

·         Finance and Fundraising Update

·         Break Out Groups—Facing Challenges/Building Infrastructure for Victory

·         Nomination and election of Board, Officers and Committee Members

·         The Road Ahead—Announcements/Next Steps

Click here to register for the June 14 HCAO Annual Meeting

Lee Mercer
Silverton, Oregon

Cell (831) 818-5247

“If you want to build a ship, don't tell the people to gather the wood, parcel out the tasks, and give orders; instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and limitless sea.” Antoine St. Exupery