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Health Care is a Human Right
Photo Petition Campaign

Started in February 2012, the Health Care is a Human Right Photo Petition Campaign became part of the effort to bring universal coverage and single risk pool financing of health care to Oregon. Photo petition participants say they support Health Care as a Human Right through their faces and signatures. They make known their support for this needed change in how health care is financed in Oregon and the nation. There should be no barriers to health care for anyone. Other nations enjoy this right. Everyone deserves the same. The Photo Petition Campaign demonstrates the depth of our personal commitment to health care for all people to our elected officials and others in a powerful, personal manner.

Special note: Critical to the success of this campaign is managing the photo petitions campaign on the website. Posting Campaign Photo Petitions is very time consuming when photos are not submitted correctly. Because we don’t want to miss including any photos we encourage all HCAO groups to recruit a volunteer who will follow the recommended process for submitting photo petitions to HCAO (see “Submitting Photo Petitions”). As the campaign gathers momentum, there will be no way to post photo petitions that are not submitted according to the established protocol – and we don’t want to miss even one opportunity to increase the number of photo petitions supporting health care for everyone!

HCAO Model Flow Chart Data Entry-Photo Protocol (1 page)
Visual diagram of model flow chart demonstrating how important it is to have a local volunteer to process photo petitions. This would ensure photos are sent correctly to HCAO which will be required once the Photo Petition Campaign is generating large numbers of photos

Photo Petition Campaign Guide
Help Health Care for All-Oregon collect thousands of photo petitions to put citizens on record in support of Health Care as a Human Right. Material in the Photo Petition Campaign Guide enables you to make an important contribution to this campaign

On-Line Photo Petition Process and Form
Photo Petition Image and Audio Release Form

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