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Opportunities to Participate Guide

We want you to join us in the Health Care for All Oregon movement to create a comprehensive, equitable, affordable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the USA.

Do this now

One of the most important things you can do is to complete and submit the HCAO Involvement Opportunity Form. This makes it possible for HCAO to know how you want to participate and what skills you can put to the task. After you complete and submit this Form a member of HCAO will be in touch to answer your questions and provide additional information. In order to be successful, we need your participation. Please join us.

More ways to participate

  1. Invite 8-10 friends or neighbors to a house party at your home to inform them about the campaign for Health Care as a Human Right. HCAO will provide you with a mentor and make it really easy. Contact Karen Baker, State House Party Coordinator

  1. Encourage your labor union, community group, congregation or other organization to join HCAO. Contact Lou Sinniger,

  1. Chairperson, Organizational Development

  2. Write a letter to the editor

  3. Have your photo taken in the HCAO photo petition campaign

  4. Arrange for a speaker for your congregation, local service club or other organization; participate in a training to be a speaker. Contact Mike Huntington, Coordinator, Speaker’s Bureau

  5. Participate in meetings with Oregon legislators. Contact Mark Kellenbeck, Chairperson, Legislative Committee

  6. Make a personal donation to support HCAO activities

  7. Assist with fundraising efforts to support Health Care for All-Oregon. Contact Linda Alband

  8. Use social media to help friends and family learn about Health Care for All-Oregon. See our FaceBook and Twitter links

  9. Join a committee working on health care reform either locally or at the state level. Contact Ross Lampert for Local Action Group or Caucus information

  10. Prepare your own ‘elevator speech’ and begin talking to people about the health care crisis

  11. Read a book on health care reform. Suggested titles HERE

  12. Organize a showing of a film or TV documentary about health care: T.R. Reid's “Sick Around the World” and “Sick Around America,” “The Healthcare Movie,” “SICKO,” and Dr. Paul Hochfeld's film “Health, Money and Fear””


Send in your hours!

HCAO is collecting the volunteer hours contributed by all participants. Please complete and submit the HCAO Volunteer Hours Form every month and be part of the movement to bring health care to all people in Oregon and the USA.



































Jana Gregory, Statewide Follow-up Coordinator

HCAO, 619 SW 11th Avenue, Suite 121

Portland, OR 97205, Attn: Jana Gregory 971-235-3456