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by Maegan Prentice

Eye Opening Videos: Seeing Oregon Through a Different Lens,
by Maegan Prentice

Interviews with Samuel Metz, MD
by Maegan Prentice:

Published on May 4, 2017
This student and Linn Benton Community College tells of her experience with our healthcare system. She developed a tendonitis as she prepared decorations for her wedding. She could not afford the deductibles or co-pays required by her insurance plan therefore could not get the medical care she needed. She lost her job because her tendonitis interfered with her ability to work.

Published on May 4, 2017
This mother of 3 tells about accumulating $70,000 in medical bills for her son over the past 5 years. Each year the family maxed out their deductible for him. That meant the family did not have money for other activities such as summer camps, vacation trips, household needs.


Satement of Support

My son has Type One Diabetes and I painted this painting using an actual receipt for Insulin.  A nurse educator is using an image to teach empathy for patients.  Type ones must have Insulin to live.  Feel free to share .    Jennifer Bagwell

Farmers' Market Interview by Mike Huntington
Published on Jul 17, 2017