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Content Guidelines for Website Submissions

Types of Content

  • Articles, graphics or other published materials: include Internet address (if possible), author, publisher, and publication date.
  • Self-composed articles or opinion pieces: see guidelines below. 
  • Press releases, event announcements or meeting notifications: include contact information, note if timing is urgent. May include graphics; 300 word limit. 


  • No obscenities, vulgar language or personal insults 
  • Positive, non-belligerent attitude 

Content Guidelines

  • Relevant, timely, well-written with fresh material 
  • Grammatical, with correct spelling 
  • Factual, citing credible sources 
  • Personal stories or entire copyrighted articles used only with written permission. 
  • Website graphics, blog posts used only with permissions, unless “fair use” is stated 
  • Sources cited for short quotes, longer quotes require permission. 
  • No personal allegations, even if true; use caution with allegations against businesses.

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