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HCAO Tabling Guide One of the most effective ways to talk to people about healthcare reform, healthcare as a human right, or single payer on the street or during an event is by Tabling. The Guide covers all the bases and provides important information for the novice and communication tips for experienced tablers


HCAO Mission and Principles guiding the coalition and local action groups


HCAO Member Organization List A list for guests who want to know which organizations are members of the HCAO coalition – have one of these on the table


Summary of Michael Dembrow’s HB 2922 One of the attachments to the email sent to folks requesting more information


HCAO Glossary of Volunteer Opportunities Excellent resource about HCAO, ways to get involved and descriptions of HCAO state committees, caucuses and data protocols


HCAO Chapters and Local Action Groups Find a group in your area or contact the HCAO office to see how to start your own group.


Young Mother in Oregon Download flyer here



HCAO Tri-Fold Brochure: black and white Dpwmload here

Please note: Production print runs of the HCAO inserts must be done by union printers.

HCAO and HCAO-EF Brochure

About HCAO: color; About HCAO: black and white

Single Payer Primer: color; Single Payer Primer: black and white

HCAO and the ACA: color; HCAO and the ACA: black and white

HCAO and Faith: color; HCAO and Faith: black and white

HCAO and Small Business: color; HCAO and Small Business: black and white

HCAO and Labor: color; HCAO and Labor: black and white


HCAO-Main Street Alliance of Oregon, Small Businesses. Download a sign-on sheet (PDF) with which to recruit other small businesses to this campaign!


HCAO “100 Campaign” Flyer Designed to start discussion in your group about how you want to participate in the campaign to mobilize new supporters for health care for all people through the “100 Campaign”


HCAO “100 Campaign” Feedback Form Complete this form online or download, complete and send to HCAO to become part of the “100 Campaign”


HCAO “100 Campaign” Report Form Available to fill out every month and submit online or download, complete and send to HCAO so you can be part of reaching the goal of 100,000 new supporters for health care for all in Oregon


HCAO Sign-in Sheet Sign-in sheets for people who are not yet sure if they support HCAO – have several on hand; helpful to have on a clipboard with attached pen


HCAO Statement of Support Sheets on which people can indicate support for HCAO’s mission – have several on hand; helpful to have on clipboard with attached pen


HCAO Involvement Opportunity Form A form for supporters to use who want to get involved to indicate their preferences and skills


Ideas Celebrating Medicare’s 49th Birthday

Download flyer here


HCAO Photo Petition “100 Campaign (1 page)Introduces the Photo Petition process, goals and contact information for the Photo Petition Campaign


Photo Petition Campaign GuideHelp Health Care for All-Oregon collect thousands of photo petitions to put citizens on record in support of Health Care as a Human Right. Material in the Photo Petition Campaign Guide enables you to make an important contribution to this campaign:


Photo Petition Campaign Supply List


Photo Petition Campaign Taking Photo Petitions


HCAO HCHR Photo Petition Write On Poster


Photo Petition Image and Audio Release Form


Photo Petition Campaign


A variety of promotional fliers which you can distribute and post can be found here (link to the Rally page flyers? If not, drop this sentence out.)